[Vrstream] Question about softpack

Tom Rutherford n8euj at sbcglobal.net
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Probably your E-mail address and the serial# for your Stream.  That should be all she needs.  Humanware will E-mail you a file attachment, you put it on an SD card, and stick the card in your Stream.  Then, you turn the Stream on, and let 'er rip.  It doesn't take long to run the file.  You might want to save the file to your hard drive first, because if I remember correctly, the file is deleted from the SD card when it's run.  It's only about a 650-byte XML file, by the way.  It actually does nothing more than enable the features that are already on your Stream, but are locked away from you.

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    My mother in law is asking for a wish list from me for Xmas, and because I do not have  a visa or mastercard, I have not gotten the softpack that allows you to record in .mp3 format.  What info do I need to provide her for her to order that softpack for me from Humanware?




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