[Vrstream] Success RE: Locating Downloaded NLS Magazine on Windows 7

Margaret Thomas iluvtoread at cox.net
Sun Dec 4 23:41:09 EST 2011

Thanks to everyone who tried to help.  Someone wrote me off list with some
instructions that helped me find the magazine issue and it is now on my
Stream.  Part of my problem may have been that I'd forgotten that the file
name begins with DB.

I'll spend some time tomorrow when I'm fresher and see if I can coax IE 8 to
let me download BARD titles somewhere that seems more logical to me.


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I looked there and can't find it.  Since I downloaded it, things seem to be
downloaded to the desktop and it isn't there.  Does Win 7 have some way of
searching for files using *.zip the way XP Home does?


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Did you look in your owner's downloads folder. There is supposed to be a 
way to download it to where you want it to go, but once I found out 
where it goes by default I just let it go there. Then I navigate to that 
folder and just move it to the folder I want it in.

On 12/4/2011 8:29 PM, Margaret Thomas wrote:
> Hello,
> Several weeks ago, I downloaded the August 2011 issue of Ellery Queen's
> Mystery Magazine from the BARD site on my new Windows 7 machine using IE
> The download did not go where I intended for it to and was "lost" until I
> stumbled on a reference to it in C:\ something with the .zip extension.  I
> had other things I needed to do at the time and put off trying to move it
> somewhere else.  I still don't have a very good "handle" on this computer
> and my efforts a while ago to find the issue of the magazine have utterly
> failed.  I think extensions may be turned off and that might be part of
> problem.  I knew how to find .zip files on XP Home, but Windows 7 seems to
> be marching to the beat of a different drummer.  Could some kind soul give
> me some ideas on how to find the issue?  I've tried all sorts of things in
> the search edit box.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Margaret
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