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Trish pzoellers at tx.rr.com
Tue Dec 6 20:02:13 EST 2011

But if someone does not own a stream and only has an nls player which uses other types of media for their books, then the window's unzip utility is what they have to use.
The question was...
does the zipped books downloaded off the BARD site, need first to be unzipped, or can the book's zipped folder that has been downloaded not be unzipped?
I tested this theory just to the point that the book does open without unzipping, but the items listed were interesting file extensions, with other info one being right protected.
So then these items can be copied to window's clipboard and then pasted into a cartridge suitable for the nls player without first being unzipped, this was the original queery.

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You cannot just copy the zipped book to the stream because the stream doesn't have an unzipping utility built into it, so you are correct there.  You do need to unzip a book to play on the stream, but the HumanWare Companion does this for you automatically.  Perhaps this is why you are asking the qeustion.  If you use the companion it's a seamless process.  If you use the unzipping utility in wndows, it is not seamless.  The comanion is by far the fastest and easiest way to unzip a book, and even more so, multiple books at a time and place them on the stream.

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  I need some clearification on weather books need to be unzipped first in order to listen to or not.

  I have always used the unzip function first, but can you just press enter on the zipped book and copy the items listed into a digital player to play?

  I thought books had to be unzipped first before you could read them weather it be on the stream or the nls player, is this right or what?



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