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Copying all the parts to the root of a cartridge is fine if you are only putting one book on the cartridge, then erasing these files when you are done reading the book,then doing another book.  But for folks that put multiple books on the cartridge, assigning the files of one book under its own folder makes it so much easier to erase the book.

I myself use the unzip utility in windows as I think you do, to put a book on my nls cartridge from time to time.  In this method, as you know, you don't actually look at or interact with the list of files of the book, it is done automatically.  But if you are interested, you can click on the folder of the book in your nls cartridge after the process is done and see what the files are like.  They will have, in many of them, the number of the talking book, and also they will have various extensions.  Get rid of all the files and you have removed the book. So I just get rid of the folder and boom, the book is gone.


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  Thank you a good explaination of this whole process.
  I would not like knowing what book parts belonged to what if done this way, I like knowing which book in the list to read, well to each their own I guess..

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  When the person does step 1, hitting enter on the zip file, they have unzipped the book and shown the individual files in that book, that's why it works.
  When they do ctrl-a, they have selected all the files in that folder which has just been unzipped.
  When they do ctrl-c, they have copied all the selected files to the clipboard.

  The step not mentioned is creating a separate folder on the removable drive to copy the files into.  

  They can copy the files to the root of the removable drive, but there are two problems with this placement.
  Problem one, the root can contain a limited number of files before it is filled up, at least with windows xp, I think that limit is 127 files.
  Problem two, if they put multiple books in the root of the removable drive, they won't be able to quickly and easily identify the files that belong to each book.  It can be done, but not "quickly and easily".

    So the solution to the two problems above, create a separate folder in the root of the removable drive to copy the files of the book 
    with the ctrl-v command.  This way, you can delete the folder and all the files of that book are removed at once, "quickly and easily".

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    I am pasting a email message from the person who started me to ask this question in the first place.
    The method described here is strictly for the BARD books and it's cartridge that plays in it. There is no other device for reading/unzipping/copying books from that this person is using.
    I was just curious as to the method used to achieve unzipping books, that it raised question in my mind as to could it be done that way.
    I still use my method of unzipping first, then copying books to said media devices, I have on a few times accidentally had it unzip where all the contents was listed, I just deleted that and did it again. It unzipped for me all in tact and never showing the contents of said book.
    Then that is copied to something to which I can read it from in either the stream or the DTMP

    Here's their method..
    1. press enter on desired zipped book.
    2. control a, control c to select all and copy
    3. paste into F: removable drive 

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    Hi all,

    I'll add to Alan's message about MP3 books that if you only have MP3 
    books on your cartridge or pen drive, you needn't use the 
    audio+podcasts folder.  That's why I like cartriges.  I have one 
    cartridge that I use just for MP3 stuff. I can make my folders the way 
    I want, and so long as I don't put DAISY content on the cartridge, I 
    don't have to mess with the audio+podcasts folder.  this may not work 
    for others, but it works for me.  Again, why aggravate yourself?

    Ann P.

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