[Vrstream] Perplexing Stream Behavior; where are the Companion's Workarounds?

Max G. Swanson swando99 at iphouse.com
Tue Dec 13 22:32:57 EST 2011

 "We're here, we're unclear, Get used to it!" Sign seen at Occupy Wall
Street.  I tweat as Maxter61 at times. Regards, Max!

My Stream as of today has started saying "Please Wait", then shutting off
when I play a note.  Going to a specific note by number remedies the
problem for the particular session.

In a panic I checked the companion for ways to back up the notes, renumber
them etc.  There's nothing: Just talking books on PC, Browse, etc.  No
context menu, just a file menu.

No manual in Help, just an About with version no. etc.  Have latest
versions of both firmware and Companion.

Am really looking for two answers here:  <1> How can I get the Notes to
behave, or renumber them so they go from 1--70 rather than a raft of notes
extending up to #307?

and <2> failing Stream repair, how do I find those HW Companion utilities?
 Hope this makes sense, it's been a long day!

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