[Vrstream] about companion software and I E 9

Roger Loran Bailey rogerbailey81 at aol.com
Fri Dec 16 12:43:36 EST 2011

I have been using Windows 7 for about a month now. I had heard so many 
stories on these lists about how hard it was to download anything with 
IE 9 that I used IE8 for the first few days, but then I tried IE 9 and 
it does not present a problem for me. I just have to remember to go to 
the notification bar when I download something. Windows 7 does seem to 
have an idea of its own where downloads should go and I understand that 
it can be directed to put them elsewhere, but I learned how to handle it 
from where Windows 7 puts them so I have not really looked into learning 
how to send them to the folder I want them in. If you go to the start 
menu and then arrow once to the left and then down arrow once you will 
find an icon labeled owner. If you down arrow once more you will find an 
icon labeled documents. It is the first icon that you will want to 
click. Once you do that you will find a number of icons that you can 
look at by right and left arrowing. Click the one labeled downloads and 
you will find the file you just downloaded. Then go to the menu after 
you have highlighted the file you want and under the edit menu there is 
an option for moving the file to another folder. Click that one and the 
process is pretty much the same as in Windows XP. Then just move it 
wherever you want it to be. This may be more complex than just directing 
the download to the folder where you want it in the first place, but I 
spent some time trying to figure out how to do that and the figuring out 
was more complex than the way I actually discovered, so I am now just 
downloading to the place that Windows 7 wants it and then just moving it.

On 12/16/2011 12:14 PM, Miriam Vieni wrote:
> Hi Listers,
> I have a new win 7 computer with I E 9 which is slowly being configured for
> me and which I am slowly learning to use, not willingly, but because this
> win XP computer is old and showing its age.  So I have a question for all of
> you with win7 computers and I E 9.  The NLS sent an email to the BARD
> support list in June saying that when you download with I E 9, the book will
> automatically go to a folder called Downloads in your User folder.  There
> are directions for saving the book to a different location and you need to
> do this with each book, apparently.  I want to know if you are leaving your
> books in the downloads folder and changing something in the companion
> software so it can find the books or if you are downloading each book so it
> gets to the folder where you keep books.
> Miriam
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