[Vrstream] Strata Questions

Ed Meskys edmeskys at roadrunner.com
Mon Dec 26 04:48:03 EST 2011

First, is there a list for users of the new Victor Strata (or however it is spelled)? I just got one for Christmas and have some questions. 

I found no instructions in print, Braille, or on CD in the box. The buttons all speak their functions, which is good. But is there somewhere a detailed set of instructions in the machine, like those in the NLS digital player? If so, how do I find them. 

My first question is how to re-set the clock in the machine? It came set, but is about four hours fast. 

Later I will want to know how to download BookShare books into it? The headphone connection in my old BookPort is dyeing and I want to switch to the Strata soon. 

I got the Strata to play the MP-3 CDs the Xavier Society for the Blind uses. I am happily going thru my large stack of unread AMERICA magazines. Then I look forward to playing commercial spoken word CDs at accelerated speed.

Thanks, Ed Meskys
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