[Vrstream] Strata Questions

Ann Parsons akp at samobile.net
Mon Dec 26 07:56:28 EST 2011

Hi Ed,

I don't have a Stratus, but I do have a Stream and a Victor Classic 
Plus.  So maybe I can be of some help.

Original message:
> First, is there a list for users of the new Victor Strata (or however 
> it is spelled)?

I think the concensus was that Stream and Stratus could be talked about 
on the same list.  No need to separate folks, more heads are better 
than less in this case.

You got The Victor Reader Stratus, as in Latin singular, Strata is 
plural as in many layers or machines.  You want Stratus.

>  I just got one for Christmas and have some questions.
> I found no instructions in print, Braille, or on CD in the box. The 
> buttons all speak their functions, which is good. But is there 
> somewhere a detailed set of instructions in the machine, like those in 
> the NLS digital player? If so, how do I find them?

Like the DTBM, the key describer mode is on if there is no data in the 
machine.  Plunk in a cartridge or a card or something and then see what 
happens.  I think you should hold down either the menu key which is the 
7-key or the number 1-key which should be your book shelf Key.

> My first question is how to re-set the clock in the machine? It came 
> set, but is about four hours fast.  Try hitting the 7-key until it says 
> clock.  Go from there.  I can't be any more specific cuz I don't have a 
> Stratus here to work on.  Hmmm, manual may be available on Humanware 
> site.  Lemme look after my first attempt at this message.

> Later I will want to know how to download BookShare books into it?

Ah, that's right, it is wireless enabled isn't it.  Can't help there, 
not until I find a manual.

>  The headphone connection in my old BookPort is dyeing and I want to 
> switch to the Strata soon.
> I got the Strata to play the MP-3 CDs the Xavier Society for the Blind 
> uses. I am happily going thru my large stack of unread AMERICA 
> magazines. Then I look forward to playing commercial spoken word CDs at 
> accelerated speed.

Glad to hear you've gotten stuff from Xavier.  Speaking of Bookshare.  
Did you know that Understanding The New Mass Text is on Bookshare?  
It's a little pamphlet with all the new Mass Texts in it, plus 
explanations as to why they changed what they did.  I proofed it after 
Sister Dolores Dean scanned it.  We were happy to do it, knowing how 
important it was for folks.   <smiling with twinkle>  The Lord be with you!

Ann P.

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