[Vrstream] How To Get An E-book into a usable format for the Stream

Tom Behler tombehler at gmail.com
Tue Dec 27 07:36:06 EST 2011

Hello, everyone.

As some may recall, I am a college professor here in Michigan, and I wrote 
an e-mail to the list several weeks ago about my need to access an e-book 
copy of a textbook that I am considering for one of my courses.  I'd like to 
get this book into some sort of usable format for the Stream.

In response to my original e-mail, I got the following reply from a list 
member named Jim.

> Hi Tom,
> "e-book" is not a useful description in this case, it's like saying
> you got a video or some music.
> We need to know what format the book is in.  Do you have any
> instructions on how to view the book on your computer?  That might be a
> good place to start.
> Hope we can help more,
> Jim
Jim's response makes perfect sense, but I don't know what to do to keep 
things legal.

I have an e-mail here from the book's publisher, with access instructions 
and my access code for the e-book, but I am reluctant to give it out.

I have downloaded the book onto my computer here, but can't seem to access 
anything, other than chapter titles in the table of contents.  I also seem 
unable to find out what format the book is in.

I'm using Jaws 12 and Windows XP.  I also have the latest firmware version 
for my Stream.

I realize that this e-mail continues to be vague, and not very helpful, but 
if anyone has worked with e-books before, and has some advice, I'd be very 

Thanks as always!

Tom from Michigan 

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