[Vrstream] New Battery Replacement and Exorbitant Shipping. Recommendations Requested

Alan Lemly walemly at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 13:05:47 EST 2011

I'm getting ready to purchase a replacement battery for my Stream and need
recommendations on where to get the lowest combined battery/shipping price.
I see that Humanware and Perkins Products both charge $30 for the battery
but they each have shipping charges of $20 which is criminal for an item the
size of the battery. I wrote Perkins Products asking if it was possible to
get the battery shipped free matter for the blind but since I haven't heard
from them in 4 days, I am not optimistic about hearing back from them.


I would appreciate any suggestions on where to get the battery at a decent
price with reasonable shipping or any suggestions on how to get it shipped
free matter. Thanks in advance.


Alan Lemly

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