[Vrstream] how long have you all had your stream?

Rebecca Kragnes rebeccak at tcq.net
Wed Nov 9 14:26:21 EST 2011

I have the same question as Kay. It does sound like you are accusing us of 
not taking care of our Streams. I think the difference here is that someone 
said their Stream has led a "sheltered life". My Stream and I are like Ruth 
and Naomi. "Wherever thou goest I will too". It has my bus pass in it, and 
I've used it while doing all sorts of things. There have been a few times 
when it has gotten stuff on it and exactly one dribble (not spill) of 
coffee). It just gets a lot of use in a lot of places, so it's bound to show 
some wear and tear. The other factor is where I choose to wear it.  I don't 
do belts, and with the minnesota weather changes, waist lines aren't always 
a great option. My Stream goes on the collar of a shirt or coat, and it 
stays there no matter what I'm doing. At times during eating, this has 
caused the dribble and other stuff. I just want to get up and go and not 
have to worry about picking up the Stream.
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