[Vrstream] Update on Replacement Battery

Charisma wishfulfish at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 15:06:16 EST 2011


Thank you for the conversation and update. I was considering getting
another battery myself but had not yet made the move--I would have
been as shocked and irritated as you were!

If someone does create a batch order situation, will you post and let us know?

Couple more questions:

I wonder if there is a shipping requirement that makes it that much
(for instance safety concerns that cost more due to postal
regulations); I wonder that because even your second place is charging
$10 which puzzles me as the battery weighs ounces, so it can't be due
to weight.

Were you advised how to dispose of your old battery in the event that
it completely dies? Is that part of the charge? (I have heard it is
part of the charge for new computers now).


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