[Vrstream] Can't get things into separate folders

Marvin Commerford mcommerford at comcast.net
Wed Nov 9 15:49:09 EST 2011

Hi.  I believe you're forgetting the 2 and 8 keys which tell the 4 and 6 how 
to navigate.  This is a really important item to know if you navigate in 
books or in the Stream's folders.  For example, in your music folder if you 
have folders for artists, below them folders for albums and then the files 
in the albom folders the 2 and 8 will cycle between level 1, level 2 and 
file.  You can use the user's guide to practice this because it has 
different heading levels for navigation.  You'll use this all the time. 
Even in notes the 2 and 8 cycle between note and time jump.  Good luck.

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>I make folders on my card, inside the proper overarching folder
> (Digital Talking Books, Music, Text Files) and they look to be in the
> folders on computer view.
> However, when I turn the Stream on, there are no folders. What happens
> is it reads the title of the item (book, or text file) with the title
> of the folder first.
> For instance, in DTB and Text Files, I will put things in a folder
> titled earthquakes, and some in another folder titled Dave Barry, and
> so forth. But when I turn on the stream it reads every title. The only
> eveidence that I have folders is that when it reads off the title of
> something in a specific folder it reads the folder title first--for
> example: Earthquakes USGS Oklahoma report. I can't simply navigate to
> the earthquake folder, or skip over the earthwuake folder entirely,
> when moving around the card.
> Am I missing setting a level or something?
> For music, despite trying to separate MP3s into separate folders for
> music and MP3 sermons, I still get the message "one file all music".
> The only way I can navigate to individual items is to start it
> playing, hit the 5 button for "where am i?" and use the 4 and 6
> buttons to move and hear the titles of the articles.
> For some reason the instructions are just not working for me. Maybe
> more personal instructions written by a user, as opposed to the
> official instructions might be helpful. Anyone game?
> Charisma
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