[Vrstream] where mp3 files go on stream

Steve Zielinski steveziel at sbcglobal.net
Tue Nov 15 22:41:07 EST 2011

Well, they can go in $vrmusic or $vrotherbooks, it all depends on how you 
want the mp3 files treated by the stream.

If you have music files, or folders of music (let's call them albums), then 
putting them in $vrmusic makes sense.  You can make play lists out of them, 
play the songs randomly, navigate to different genras, artists, etc. (this 
assumes you have structured your music in appropriately names folders).

Now if your mp3's are actually audio books, for instance, then you should 
put them in the $vrotherbooks folder.  Here each folder is one book, all the 
files are played, one after another seamlessly, and the entire folder of mp3 
files is considered "one book", even though it consists of multiple files. 
In this situation you can use the info key zero to listen to the amount of 
time played in the book, the total length of the book and the remaining time 
left in the book.  You can create bookmarks in the book that will remain in 
the same place unlike the $vrmusic folder.  When the last file of the mp3 
book is played, the stream will stop and say "end of book".

To be very clear about my $vrmusic folder and bookmarks, if you were to add 
or remove music from the $vrmusic folder, the bookmark positions will 
change.  This would not be the case in the $vrotherbooks folder, since each 
book is one folder with individual files under that book folder name.  Each 
book will be separate from another book, separated by the fact that each 
book will be in it's unique folder.  The $vrmusic folder is one entire book.

There are other differences, but it all depends on how you want the stream 
to treat the contents of your mp3 files and/or folders. Putting them in the 
correct folder will give you benefits for that type of listening genra.

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> for some reason i thought they only went under vrmusic.
> barb mattson
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