[Vrstream] Hi my name is Mich and I just got a vr streem.

susie Q susieq2 at cogeco.ca
Mon Nov 21 07:54:49 EST 2011

Congratulations on your stream, hope you like it as much as I did and do,
not sure about  the states books, but as far as canada goes, think for
bookshair, think you have to pay a fee susie 

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Hi my name is Mich. I just got a vr. stream. I bought it  off some one who
was selling there's. it is the library edition so it came with the cartridge
holder for nls books from the us. I am wondering if that would be usable do
to living in Canada and so the cnib uses cds and not cartridges. I also am
wondering if Canadians are eligible for signing up to book share.org or
audible.com? and what are some other resources other then the books from
cnib to get content for the stream? many thanks. from Mich. 

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