[Vrstream] problum coppeying books from my pc to usd card using HumanWare Companion. and windows 7.

Marvin Commerford mcommerford at comcast.net
Wed Nov 23 09:16:31 EST 2011

First of all make sure you have Humanware Companion version 3.5.4 before 
pulling the plug on Windows 7.  Humanware did address some Windows 7 issues 
in the latest release.  The latest version has been out about a month so if 
you haven't downloaded the software in the last month you're running an old 
version.  The book error 7 message has more to do with the book itself.

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> Hi all,
> I understand that some people have had difficulty with The Humanware 
> Companion and Win7.  Best advice for now is to copy the books using your 
> XP machine.
> Ann P.
> P.S., Copy is one of those slippery exceptions in English.  It always, no 
> matter what form is used, has one P not two.  It's copy, copied, copying, 
> copies, etc.  It doesn't have an E in it.  No E unless in past tense, one 
> P, always one P.
> A.P.
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