[Vrstream] Making Google Books easier to Read on Stream

Moira Egan moira.egan at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 10:42:09 EDT 2012

Hello all.  There are a couple of nineteenth century novels I need to
read for my research which are available only on Googlebooks in PDF or
Epub.  I have the softpak, so tried the Epub versions, but reading
them on the Stream has been difficult.  For some reason (which tech
support's suggestion of resetting my profile did not resolve) the
bookmarks I place are inconsistently available.  Also, there is no
navigation and I find these novels difficult to read with Samantha.
Can anybody suggest a way I might be able to convert the books to
daisy or in some way convert them to some other navigable file type
which could then be read with a different voice?  I'd prefer not to
convert to text and read on my PC in part because of the mobility of
the Stream and in part because I am concerned that doing so would make
it difficult to cite specific pages in the original.  I'd appreciate
any suggestions.  What do folks think, for example, about the
possibility that bookshare might convert these to daisy audio?


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