[Vrstream] Editing Audio

Ricky ricky at samobile.net
Sat Aug 4 10:41:22 EDT 2012

if you reread my original post, i did admit it has been years since i 
had used the companion to convert notes, and i said it would be 
converted to wave or mp3, i did not say wave and mp3! i knew it was one 
or the other, but not both! i also mentioned using goldwave to do the 
editing, and since it can save files in the mp3 format, i didn't think 
it necessary to mention the switch sound converter! if this lady did 
not already know how to edit a file i did not want to confuse her even 
more by mentioning more programs than was needed to get the job done! 
ps, i do have the switch sound converter, and the unzipping tool it 
comes with, yeah, i know it comes with other programs too, but the 
unzipping tool and the sound converter are free! even after the trial 
period expires!   Original message:
> Ricky, the Companion will only convert the native 3gp format to wav, not
> mp3. You will have to use some other conversion program such as Switch to
> convert the wav file to mp3 format.

> Alan Lemly

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> if this was a recording i wanted to save, i would use the companion to
> convert it from its  proprietary format, its been years since i have
> done this, the companion will convert it to either wave or mp3, then i
> would use goldwave to delete the unwanted part! also, it might be good
> to rename this file! then i would put the saved part back on the stream
> in the podcast folder!

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