[Vrstream] Making GoogleBooks Easier to Read on Stream

Roger Loran Bailey rogerbailey81 at aol.com
Sun Aug 5 16:09:41 EDT 2012

Searching on Bookshare is not all that tricky if you are used to Google 
search. It behaves very much like Google search. It not only searches 
the title but it also searches the actual text of the books that are 
available. If your results are sorted by relevance, the default sort, 
the titles containing your search terms tend to be listed at the top. I 
say tend because I have made searches there and the first number of 
results do have my search terms in the title, but then if I look further 
down there are some other titles here and there with the search terms in 
the title and that diminishes the further you go down the list. If you 
want to confine your search to title, author, text or other parameters 
then you should use the advanced search. Just remember that if you use 
only the simple search you are likely to get a lot of results depending 
on what your search terms are and that you need to use tricks like 
quotation marks or minus signs or whatever to refine your search to 
exactly what you want. Think Google.
On 8/5/2012 3:23 PM, Max G. Swanson wrote:
> Out of curiosity, what are these novels?  Must be something rare, because
> that period is quite well covered IMHO.
> Judging by your report and problems noted on the K1000 list, the promise
> of compatible EPub seems to be illusory at best.  I'd try Gutenberg and/or
> Bookshare again.
> Searching on Bookshare can be tricky, if anything too inclusive.

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