[Vrstream] BARD Downloads and JAWS?

Tom Rutherford n8euj at sbcglobal.net
Sat Aug 11 12:11:01 EDT 2012

Hi, Becky and all.

You're welcome to whatever help I was able to give.  As for setup software 
for routers, I've always been disappointed in it, not necessarily for its 
lack of accessability, but for its assumption that I'm an idiot.  I've had 
one Belkin and two Linksys routers, and all three had the most infuriating 
software I've ever seen.  The Belkin wanted me to play Ethernet Twister. 
First, put the CD in so that it could take a snapshot of my configuration, 
then unhook the modem from the 'puter, plug the router in, plug the modem 
into the router, etc., and keep all of the wall warts straight, then hit 
[Enter] or whatever to tell the software I'm ready.  I can't remember what 
the major malfunction was with the first Linksys router's software, but 
after I used it, I realized that it would've been much faster to do it by 
hand.  Ditto with this present router, except that using the software 
actually cost me a lot of steps, because it created a wide-open guest 
account that I couldn't close or otherwise modify EXCEPT by using the 
software.  And, what I had to do there was to set the router back to factory 
defaults, then unload the software and configure it all by hand, including 
the 63-character passphrase that I used for WPA2-PSK/AES security for Wi-Fi.

So, good luck with whatever router you wind up with.  Any chance you can get 
help from your sighted friend again?  I wish I were there to help.  I'm 
getting good at routers.  :-)  One helpful thing with those long passphrases 
for Wi-Fi:  Keep your passphrase in a textfile in a safe place, preferably 
on some kind of flash memory.  It's easier to copy and paste than to type it 
all in from scratch, especially when you consider that it has to be entered 
for not only the router, but also for as many wireless devices as you have.

-- 73 DE Tom Rutherford, N8EUJ, Burton, MI
"She said it was either her or the ham radio.  Over."

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> Hi Tom and everyone,
>     Thanks for all your help.  Apparently, there's something very weird
> going on with my router, as I was able to download from other sites and
> such, but no matter what I did with BARD, from trying to mess with Avast
> Internet Security, (one word, _Don't!  It can't be made any sense of, at
> least not by this blink, and I've been working with PC's and 
> screen-readers
> since 1989,) to changing browsers to trying to do a system roll-back,
> (which, for some reason known only to Toshiba or Microsoft doesn't 
> function
> on this machine, nor do any of the backup utilities they so nicely loaded 
> on
> here, but which refuse to function on the grounds that some object with a
> name longer than my arm made up of endless numbers and letters is
> missing/can't be found,) I got nowhere...  Until I unplugged my router and
> hardwired my laptop to the cable modem.
>     Now it's downloading just great: I just have to sit on the very edge 
> of
> the end of my bed and balance my laptop precariously on the edge of one 
> knee
> to use it!...  So I'm off asap to buy a new router, which should prove a
> whole new migraine, as I have no idea how to program the router with a 
> name,
> password, and all that.  Had to have a sighted friend set up the one I've
> had for the past number of years, and before she did, I was running
> completely open to the public, so I'll have to be sure I buy a router that
> comes with some hopefully accessible software that will lead me through 
> all
> the software side of things.  (Give me hardware setup anyday!)  So
> whatever's making the old router refuse BARD but not others, it's going 
> away
> for good!
>     Thanks for all your help and advice, and I hope my misadventures will
> serve to help someone else out someday.
> Sincerely,
> Becky, teetering on the edge
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> Hi, Becky.
> Wow.  That is a strange one.  Yes, I think I'd be replacing my cable modem
> and router, too, if I had to power cycle them that often.  I'm using a
> Linksys E2000 router, and renting a Motorola modem from Comcast until I 
> can
> get my Netgear modem fixed or replaced, depending on what Netgear wants to
> do.  But, anyway...The problem with the downloads almost sounds like a
> routing problem between you and BARD.  I'm wondering if the fileserver has
> an IP address separate from the rest of the site, and that address is 
> being
> blocked somewhere along the way.  It's too bad that BARD can't be accessed
> via FTP.  Or, maybe it can; I just haven't tried it.  I hate to say this,
> but you might have to have someone else download the books for you until
> whatever it is gets straightened out.  I once had a problem connecting to 
> a
> certain NNTP server, where a favorite newsgroup resided.  For about a year
> and a half, I could ping it, could Traceroute it, but couldn't connect to 
> it
> with NNTP.  I had the tech support guy at my ISP working with the SysAdmin
> of the server, and they couldn't figure it out, either, so we concluded 
> that
> it was a problem with one of the routers between here and there.  At the
> time, I believe I was still on dial-up, and had no problems connecting to
> any other NNTP servers.
> I guess what I'd do is borrow the "change the things I can" line from the
> Serenity prayer, and change out the modem and router.  It just might be 
> that
> the router (or modem) have some sort of a bugaboo about that particular IP
> address, protocol, or combination of the two.  Good luck!
> -- 73 DE Tom Rutherford, N8EUJ, Burton, MI
> "She said it was either her or the ham radio.  Over."
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> Subject: RE: [Vrstream] BARD Downloads and JAWS?
>> Hi Tom,
>>     Thanks for the suggestion.  I've tried Firefox, though that didn't
>> solve my woes.  When I spoke to Michael at BARD, he logged in as me and
>> had
>> no problems completing downloads, (we both tried the same file, just to 
>> be
>> sure.)  I'd blame my antivirus software, except I last bought the latest
>> upgrade in April, and this only started a few weeks ago.  I'd blame my
>> hardware, except it downloads everything else I ask it to...  So I'm 
>> vexed
>> and getting desperate...  I even went so far as to uninstall all software
>> I'd either obtained or upgraded recently, plus any that I just didn't 
>> need
>> hanging around anymore.  I tried fiddling with the settings on my Avast
>> Internet antivirus software, but, like all AV software I've ever used,
>> it's
>> pretty much completely inaccessible and, at best, nearly impossible to
>> tell
>> which words belong with which words, which words might be clickable, 
>> which
>> might be settings and, if so, what they're set to, etc.
>>     In other words, nothing I've done has fixed anything so far. 
>> Starting
>> to think maybe it's time to throw out my cable modem and my router and 
>> buy
>> new, as I have to unplug them at least once a day when they stop working
>> anyway.
>> Thanks for your help,
>> Becky
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>> I'm not a JAWS user (nor a user of any other screenreader), but I do have
>> a
>> suggestion.  Rather than dump IE9, why not install Firefox and give it a
>> try.  That should eliminate all things Microsoft as far as browsers go.
>> You
>> may find that Firefox meets your needs better, anyway.
>> -- 73 DE Tom Rutherford, N8EUJ, Burton, MI
>> "She said it was either her or the ham radio.  Over."
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>> Subject: [Vrstream] BARD Downloads and JAWS?
>>> Hi All,
>>>     I know I can't be the only one here using JAWS, and, until fairly
>>> recently, my NLS books were downloading just fine, so I can't imagine
>>> that
>>> JAWS is what's monkeying with my BARD downloads all of a sudden.  I sent
>>> a
>>> help request to BARD, but they haven't responded, and it's been over a
>>> week
>>> now.  Freedom Scientific also just released an update to JAWS, which I
>>> installed, but that hasn't changed matters with BARD: my downloads still
>>> start, get partway through, then freeze, whether I download one at a 
>>> time
>>> or
>>> have several cued to download.  Three will start, then freeze and never
>>> resume.
>>>     I searched the Freedom Scientific website for information on this
>>> problem, but to no avail.  Should I erase Internet Explorer 9 and
>>> reinstall
>>> version 8?  Is there a way to do this without losing everything, I.E. is
>>> there a rollback feature?  Is this likely to be the problem?  Are there
>>> any
>>> other JAWS users out there running Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9 and
>>> doing fine with downloading from BARD, as I was until several weeks ago?
>>> Any info, help, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I'm going
>>> frantic with nothing to read anymore!  One can only re-read everything
>>> one
>>> has so many times without falling asleep instantaneously!  Thanks much!
>>> Sincerely,
>>> Becky
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