[Vrstream] Inaudible Audible Content on Stratus, Brief Router Thought

Tom Rutherford n8euj at sbcglobal.net
Tue Aug 14 12:46:06 EDT 2012

I've never seen the router's IP address printed on the box, but it is 
usually in the manual.  There are several "standard" IPs, most starting with 
the usual 192, but some starting with 10.  My two Linksys and one Belkin 
started with 192, but the Belkin had 2.1 as its final two octets, and the 
Linksys were 1.1.  Of course, the usual disclaimers apply.

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> I've seen three of the major dedicated book players and, IMHO, the Stream
> beats them all for ergonomics; however, the lack of clock and line-cord
> are big drawbacks.  I cannot understand why the same level of support
> couldn't be provided for Audible, the company, on the Stratus, or total
> SoftPak equivalency.
> Given that a pretty good MP3 CD player can be had for under $40, I'm
> waiting for the Bookport DT.
> On routers, isn't the simplest way to start setup by typing the standard
> IP address for a router into your browser of choice?  Surely they have it
> printed on the box.
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