[Vrstream] Router Was My Nemesis

Ghost Child myste at cox.net
Sat Aug 18 06:54:50 EDT 2012

Hi Tom,

     Guess I'll have to ask the next sighted type I see which model it is,
as the documentation covers several models, so no help there.  So far, my
ISP is still providing an unlimited Internet option, so I don't worry about
that, especially as I don't spend a whole lot of time online anymore. (I
lived online virtually 24/7 for over 15 years, but I got over it

Becky C.

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Hi again, Becky.

Just curious which router you got.  I like my E2000, which was a refurb from

Newegg, but I'd like to have the E3000 sometime, or a later one that will 
handle IPv6 when that is more widely in use.

Anyway, as for the guest account, I guess if you have the bandwidth to 
spare, that's cool, but since most ISPs are now capping their users' monthly

usage, I want mine locked down tight.  It is neat that it's blocked from the

network, though.

-- 73 DE Tom Rutherford, N8EUJ, Burton, MI
"She said it was either her or the ham radio.  Over."

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> Hi All,
>     Well, after all this foolishness and trying all I've told you and 
> much,
> much more, I finally decided to ditch my cheap Belkin router and went to
> WalMart, where, after talking to their electronics geek of the shift, I
> bought a Cisco router for $60.  I made sure it came with its own software
> and manual, (both on CD!)
>     I took it home, plugged it in, put in the CD, followed its pretty
> darned accessible software setup, and voila!  Everything's working like a
> dream!  Not to mention that it automatically sets up a secondary guest
> connection, which will let you allow visitors/neighbors to use your 
> wireless
> to access the Internet without ever having access to your own primary
> network.  They simply click the guest connection when it shows up on their
> networks selection page, (it shows up as "unsecured", but don't worry...)
> Then they need to open their Web browser, where they will automatically be
> prompted for a password. (The router comes with a default password, but 
> you
> can easily change it to whatever you like with the software, same with 
> your
> personal router name and password.  You can also set the number of guest
> connections you'll allow at once, up to 5.)  I thought this was a great
> feature, as now anyone who visits and wants to use their wifi device 
> doesn't
> have to be given my password and, thereby, potential access to any device 
> on
> my network...
>     And now there's no more trouble with my BARD downloads!!  I don't know
> why my old router was connecting and downloading some places and not 
> others,
> but as I had no software or other idea how to fiddle with it, I just 
> thought
> I'd try a new one, as I could have returned it if that didn't fix things,
> but it sure has!  And hopefully now, I won't have to unplug and reboot my
> router at least once a day.  (I'm on day 3 now and haven't touched my new
> one!)
>      Just thought I'd let you all know, in case anyone else runs into this
> issue.  I know it's off-topic, and I apologize, but I was getting 
> desperate,
> and you were all very kind and helpful.  Thanks so much, and I shall shut 
> up
> now! *Grin*
> Sincerely,
> Becky C.
> myste at cox.net
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