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Joanie, I'll take a stab at helping here. First of all, the Notes bookshelf
is a bit different than most other bookshelves on the Stream. The Stream
treats all the notes in the Notes bookshelf as one book. So, if you have 50
notes on the Stream and you place a bookmark in note number 50 and that
bookmark is bookmark 1, if you then go to note 30 or some other note and
place another bookmark, the Stream will make it bookmark 2. The number of
the note does not matter since the Stream treats all the notes as one unit
for purposes of bookmarking. The other thing to remember is that the Stream
automatically places a bookmark at the beginning of the notes bookshelf and
at the end of it too. So, if you create one bookmark in the notes bookshelf
and then press the bookmark key four times to get to the bookmark list,
pressing the 4 or 6 key to cycle through the bookmarks should jump between
the beginning of the notes bookshelf, bookmark number 1, and the end of the
notes bookshelf.

I don't know if the above will help you in finding your notes bookmarks but
I think it is critical in understanding how the Stream treats them.
Unfortuately, if you have a lot of notes an a lot of bookmarks, I'm not sure
what the best method would be to remember which ones are which. I think
treating all notes as one book makes the process a bit more confusing since
I personally would only bookmark certain notes and would prefer to cycle
through just those notes when going through the bookmark list instead of the
entire notes bookshelf.

I hope the above helps clarify the issue but please post back if you still
have questions.

Alan Lemly

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Hi All:

When I'm listening to one of my notes on the Stream, I will insert a 
Bookmark so I can later find my place.  Say it is Bookmark 1.  When I 
attempt to go back  to that bookmark, the Stream tells me that "Bookmark 1 
does not exist".

Bookmarks work fine in the Talking Books Other books Etc.  It's just in the 
Notes where I'm having trouble.

This machine is working extremely well,  no major  problems.  I've had it 
for almost 5 years.  I got it when it first came out and absolutely love 
it.  How could I not?

Anyone know what this is all about?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Joanie Leonard

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