[Vrstream] Questions about sd cards

Adrien Collins adriencollins22160 at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 23 15:59:36 EDT 2012


I know this one is slightly off topic but I have a new
computer, it has a card reader in it, I find it difficult to
get the cards in, I have got a newer card reader as I knew I
would have problems with the card reader on the pc, I wonder
to save damaging the cards, should I ignore the card reader
on the pc? It really is difficult to get the cards in, they
are much tighter fit. Also I seem to be catching the pins.
bottom and the slots on a separate card reader seem to be
bigger. I can feel the pins on the sd card bending. Also I
have to put the cards in with the pins upwards and with the
cut off on the left where normally I would put them in with
the pins downwards. What would you do? I cannot afford to
break cards.




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