[Vrstream] Okay, so I lied...

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Fri Aug 24 16:51:52 EDT 2012

Hi Bob,

     Thanks for your message.  I have a friend who got her Stream a year or
so before I got mine, and she's only just gotten her second battery, so I
think you're right: my Stream's defective.  Maybe they'll take mine back and
either give me most of my cost back, since I've been pouring batteries into
it, or take mine back and either fix or replace it.  At this point, I'm not
sure if I want another Stream or if I should switch devices, but it'll
depend on what they can/will do for me at HumanWare.  I don't have the money
to be picky, especially after having to buy the Stream, 4 new batteries, and
a new adapter.  Thanks for your help; I appreciate it greatly.


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Hi Becky,
That is extremely frustrating. Like your friend, I've had my Stream for 
close to 5 years now and have never had to replace the battery. I do indeed 
get around 15 hours of play time on a charge. I try to let the battery 
charge go as low as possible before recharging even though the manual says 
it is not necessary to do that.
I'd say you have a defective Stream there. My experience on this list tells 
me that the majority of us have been lucky but that there are definitely a 
few bad Streams out there. Ideally, Humanware should give you a major break 
on a new stream, but I doubt they will. AT a minimum, Id' demand or request 
that Humanware deduct the cost ofall those batteries from the price of a new

Stream. OR, you could just keep using the one you have though buying a new 
battery every year is a waste of money.
WE have a cat too and he likes to chew, but, fortunetly, he only chews 
plants. My wife can no-longer put plants in the windows.
best wishes.
Bob Hachey
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> Hi All,
>     I know I said I'd shut up, and I promise I'm not going to mention the
> last topic I was going on about, (except to say that what drove you crazy
> about your LinkSys, Tom, seems to be what I liked so much about it, but,
> unlike you, I know absolutely _nothing about routers and _want to be led 
> by
> the hand!)
>     I'm now pondering the Executive Products case for my stream, though 
> not
> sure yet, as some seem to think the new EP cases don't fit properly, so 
> may
> wait on that for a while if EP is having an issue with their latest case 
> and
> need some time to hear about it and get it fixed.  I'm wondering, 
> though...
> Does everyone else here get a maximum play time of barely 10 hours out of 
> a
> new battery on their Stream and have to replace their battery at least 
> once
> a year, when it won't go any longer than about 3 to 4 hours on a full
> charge?  The manual told me I should expect 14 hours of play time on a 
> full
> charge, but that has never happened from day 1.  About a year ago, one of 
> my
> cats chewed through the adapter that came with the Stream, so before I 
> spent
> a fortune buying another from Humanware, I took the Stream and charger to
> Radio Shack and they gave me a charger which not only charges my Stream, 
> but
> has a USB port on it as well, so I can use it to charge my iPhone.  I'd 
> have
> thought maybe it was the charger being incompatible in some way if the
> problem had started after I'd replaced it with the non-HumanWare one, but,
> as I've said, I've never gotten more than around 10 hours max, and that 
> with
> generally using earphones, as the speaker is, as we all know, rather 
> anemic.
>     So I'm wondering if my Stream is somewhat defective and sucking the
> life out of batteries and not allowing them to charge fully, or if 
> HumanWare
> was just indulging in some false advertising and need to work on the 
> quality
> of their batteries.  Is it me, or shouldn't batteries these days, 
> especially
> specialized rechargeables like these, be able to do better than this? 
> Maybe
> I'm just expecting too much, as a friend of mine has had her Stream for at
> least four years now and has yet to replace her battery or get less than 
> 14
> hours from it...  So is she unusualllly lucky, or is mine defective?  Any
> thoughts/experience greatly appreciated.
> Becky C.
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