[Vrstream] Test for my friend

Steve Zielinski steveziel at sbcglobal.net
Wed Aug 29 08:30:27 EDT 2012

She'll have to use the ctrl-shift-r command to reply to the original sender 
and to the list as well.  A simple ctrl-r will only reply to the original 
sender and not to the list.  This is assuming their is no list address in 
the cc field of the originating message.

If there is a keyboard conflict with her screen reader with the ctrl-shift-r 
command, she'll need to use the bypass command.  For instance, with 
Window-Eyes, the bypass key is insert-b.  So in that case, press insert-b, 
then immediately follow it with the ctrl-shift-r command.


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> Hi
> My friend is having problems sending messages to the group,
> I have just sent this so she can see if she can reply to it
> ok.
> Regards
> Adrien
> The VR Stream list is configured so that when using Control-R in most 
> e-mail programs, message replies will go directly to the sender of the 
> message. To reply to the entire list, use the "reply all" function of your 
> e-mail program; usually 
> Control-Shift-R._______________________________________________
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