[Vrstream] the $VRotherbooks folder

Alan Lemly walemly at gmail.com
Tue Jul 9 19:00:14 EDT 2013

Miriam, you can use the Companion to transfer other books to the
$VROtherBooks folder on the Stream and you access the other books transfer
screen using ctrl + o. Be aware that the majority of books from Bookshare
except for the audio only mp3 files should go in the $VRDTB folder of the
Stream since they are DAISY books. Also, I believe most books from Bookshare
download in a zip archive and the Companion will not unzip these as part of
the transfer process as it does for NLS books.


Alan Lemly


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Can the companion software be used to place a Bookshare book in the
$VRotherbooks folder on the VR Stream 1? Is the command control O?


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