[Vrstream] daisy audio files from Bookshare

Ann Parsons akp at samobile.net
Mon Jul 15 06:40:14 EDT 2013

Hi all,

Bud, the Bookshare DAISY books work just like the NLS ones except that 
they come in two flavors.  One is etext DAISY; these will not play on 
the DTBM but can be played on the Stream.  The second is Audio DAISY 
these will play on the DTBM just fine.  You need to unzip these folders 
into separate folders in the $VRDTB folder of your stream, just as you 
would an NLS book.  Be sure to put *all* the files from each book in a 
separate folder called by the name of the book.  In other words, if 
there are twenty files in the zip file, put all of them in one folder 
labeled by the book name.

Ann P.

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