[Vrstream] Stream cleaning

`Richard Benoit reb503 at comcast.net
Wed Jul 31 15:19:40 EDT 2013


My first gen Stream was purchased the first week they were available, so it
is pretty old.  When it started feeling grimy I used a damp paper towel
which didn't help much.  I then used this with a little dish washing liquid
which made the face very sticky.  I tried some vegetable oil and this did
not work either.  Disgusted with the whole process,  I began digging with my
fingernail and rubbing with a fingertip.  To my surprise, this sticky film
started to roll off like silicone caulking.  It took a while but I
eventually removed it all.  The surface is now very smooth and not at all
marred by the process.  

It appears that the sticky surface is the deteriorated original siliconized
rubber coating.  I don't know if the wet applications helped, but it seems
clear to me that the coating must be removed when it has reached this stage
of deterioration.  I don't believe that the leather case has any effect but
rather the effects of food residue and natural body oils are the main



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