[Vrstream] Thoughts on WiFi Seminar

Max G. Swanson swando99 at iphouse.com
Wed Jul 31 20:52:49 EDT 2013

It seems to me that the Hadley seminar simply wasn't meant to be
downloaded.  The audio sounds like Talking Communities, but something in
the intro suggested the possible use of video within the program.  Just
sit back and listen, you know most of it anyway.

NFB Newsline is a logical offering, though it's a bit disappointing when
one considers the wealth of other material out there.  The Bookshare
option alone is worth the price, if of course you're a member.

The main shortcoming of the NewsLine app is that you have access to a very
limited number of offerings at a time, whereas the phone version lets you
switch in and out of anything on the system.  Unclear whether you get
audio from Neospeech or the material fed into the Stream's text or Daisy

Now if we could just get Paul to quit saying Noose for News, we'll be in
"Americans must know the basic architecture of programs designed to
protect them."(Senator Franken.) Regards, Max.

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