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Tom Rutherford tom.n8euj at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 15:25:19 EDT 2014

Hi, Dee, and welcome to the list!

I have a Stratus 12M and one of the old Streams.  I don't have the new
Stream yet, and even though it sounds wonderful, I don't plan to buy one
until I wear the old one out.  But, I can tell you that even though the new
Stream has Wi-Fi and notetaking ability, Bluetooth isn't built in.  However,
you can buy a Bluetooth dongle to plug into the headphone jack.  The Stratus
doesn't come with Wi-Fi from the factory, unless they've changed things, but
I have it from a Canadian contact that it is at least available in Canada.
I hope how soon it's available here.  But, you can't take notes with a
Stratus.  So, probably what you want is a new Stream with a Bluetooth
dongle.  HTH.

-- 73 DE Tom, N8EUJ, Burton, MI
"She said it was either her or the ham radio.  Over."

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I'm new here and wanted to introduce myself.  My name is Dee. I joined the
list to get some help deciding which Victor Reader I want to buy.  I have a
bit of confusion on a few things concerning the Victor Reader Stream (new
generation), and the Victor Reader Stratus.  I'm hoping I can benefit from
everyones experiences here to make my choice.  I have a few things that I
consider "Must Features."
1. Long lasting battery life
2. Memo recorder
3. WIFI and Bluetooth capability
Thanks so much in advance for any help you all can give me.  I look forward
to meeting you all and benefiting from your experiences.
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