[Vrstream] New Features questions

Donald L. Roberts donald.roberts99 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 12:01:12 EDT 2014

Just got my second generation stream Saturday and love it, especially 
the Wi Fi connectivity.  I really think that Humanware is to be 
commended for the masterful way this feature has been implemented. Also, 
I have already received my NLS keys.

Because I haven't read the entire documentation file yet, I wanted to 
ask a couple of questions.  I read the release notes regarding bookshare 
search, Wikipedia, and Wictionary.  My Bookshare application is pending, 
so I understand why I do not see it in the bookshelf.  But what is the 
procedure to get to the Wikipedia search and also the Wiktionary search?

Another question just occurred to me.  I downloaded a couple of Daisy 
textx from NFB Newsline, put them in the VR text folder, and they worked 
fine.  But what do I do to implement the NFB Newsline book shelf?  Yes, 
I do read manuals and plan to do so within a couple of days.

Thanks in advance.

Don Roberts

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