[Vrstream] using SD card from 1st gen stream to 2nd gen stream

Tom Rutherford tom.n8euj at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 18:13:23 EDT 2014

Yep.  The same card will work on both devices.  Of course, any bookmarks,
placeholders, etc., stay in the machine, so if you're in a book, you'll have
to find your place on the new machine.  I don't have a new Stream, but I've
got an old one and a Stratus.  Getting the Stratus authorized on the same
day I got it was no biggie, and the same card I was using on the old Stream
worked fine on the Stratus.  Folder structure was nearly identical, but the
Stratus doesn't recognize $VRNotes and doesn't support Audible.  If you have
Audible on your old Stream, you'll have to add the new Stream to your
Audible Manager.  Other than those little caveats, you'll be fine using the
old card in the new machine, as the folder structure between both versions
of the Stream is identical.

-- 73 DE Tom, N8EUJ, Burton, MI
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Hello listers,

I hope I don't sound too dumb. I just got my Second Gen stream in the mail
five minutes ago. I realized I do not have a dedicated blank new SD card.
Can I just put my SD card I've been using with my first Gen Stream into the
second Gen stream? Or do I need to clear it off and format it? Sorry, I
don't actually know how to go about that. :) Anyways.I would appreciate any
tips or advice to get me started in the right direction. :) I guess I have
to authorize my second Gen stream before I can use BARD and such. 

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