[Vrstream] downloading from BARD

Sherry Wells sherrywells at ameritech.net
Wed Jul 16 20:12:01 EDT 2014

Hi Sharon,

I can think of 2 possibilities that may result in your books not being found 
by Humanware Companion.

First, make sure the check box in HWC that says include zip files is 
checked.  You can find this box by tabbing once when in HWC.  Then tab once 
more to ensure that the talking books location has not been accidentally 
changed.  These are the easy things to check so may as well rule them out as 

It sounds like neither of these things are your problem though since you 
mention not being sure where your books are going.  So I'm guessing you 
checked your usual folder and the downloaded books are not there, right?  In 
that case the default folder where downloads go could have changed.  I too 
always download my books to the same folder.  But if I use internet explorer 
to download anything else and put it in a different folder, then the next 
time I go to BARD, BARD will download books to that folder instead.  So if I 
usually use folder A for BARD but go to a web site and download a podcast or 
something to folder B, BARD will use folder B unless I do a save as.  So try 
downloading a book from BARD but select Save As and type the entire path in 
the file name.  In this example I would type C:\folder A\book name.zip.  You 
should only have to do this once.  Unless you download to a different 
location BARD will now continue to use folder A.

I hope this makes sense and hope it solves your problem!

Sherry Wells

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I have a first generation Stream and had downloaded books successfully for
some time. But when I've tried doing this in the last few weeks, Humanware
Companion doesn't seem to find the books; in fact, I can't tell where they
go when I download them from BARD even though I have a talking books folder
to which books always went.

Also, I'm not sure if my version of the companion has updated or not and
perhaps that's the problem, but I don't know where to update and thought I
read somewhere that it updated when you connected to the computer.

Sorry if these are too many questions; I'd sure appreciate help and advice.

Sharon Howerton (new lister)

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