[Vrstream] can someone help me with audible?

Russ Kiehne russ94577 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 10:13:44 EDT 2015

IN my case I have a copy of my $VRAudible folder on my hard drive.  When I 
want to activate another sd card to play audible, I copy the $VRAudible 
folder to it.

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Hi Lana,
you said . . .
Unlike with the booksense, each card has to be activated, but there is
a better  way. Once you activate your first card, make a copy of that
file on your computer and just put it  on each new card as you acquire
it. Just to be safe.shortest book in that file . . .
Ok, do I get the impression that the book has within itself the hidden
file we need? I was alwas figuring that the file was something you
could just transfer or something?  Anyway, do let me know.
Bill K.

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