[Vrstream] new member with quite a few questions

Tom Rutherford tom.n8euj at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 15:10:47 EDT 2015

Hi, Rajmund.  In addition to what Jim told you, if you're talking about the
voice that says, "Welcome to Victor Reader" when you power it up, he's not a
synthesizer.  He's Blair Stainton, a Canadian actor.  But, you have either
Samantha or Tom for your other voice.  They're Vocalizer voices, and they
don't sound all that good.  The 2nd-gen. Stream uses Acapella voices Heather
and Ryan if you have the North American English firmware.  But, if you have
the North American English firmware for the 1st-gen. Stream, it's Samantha
and Tom.  But, I don't think you can speed any of the voices up except when
they're reading text to you.

There is a built-in User Guide on the Stream, either version.  Press and
hold the "1" key until you hear "User Guide", then release it.  Once it
comes up, you can navigate through it using the "6" key to navigate forward
and the "4" key to navigate backward.  You can set various levels of
navigation by using the "2" and "8" keys.

BTW, before you start trying to put content on an SD card, put a fresh SD
card in the Stream and it will create the folders automatically for you.
Then, you can put DAISY books in $VRDTB, MP3 books in $VROtherBooks, music
in $VRMusic, etc.

I hope this helps.  I have one of the original Streams, and I still love it.
I can't see buying a new one while this one still works.  I did buy a
Stratus, though, because I liked the bigger speaker and the built-in optical
disc reader.  (They call it a CD reader, but it will also read audio DVDs.
I haven't tried a Blu-Ray disc in it yet, but I kind of doubt it would read
one of those.)  BTW, if you hit the "0" key three times fast with no SD card
in it, it will tell you all kinds of interesting things about your Stream,
including the serial number in Mandarin Chinese.  I am not kidding.

-- 73 DE Tom, N8EUJ, Burton, MI
"She said it was either her or the ham radio.  Over."

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Hello all,
Yes, I have never posted here, but I have just got my hand on a 
stream.  question 1.  How do I find out what type it is? No, it 
hasn't got wifi.  And it still uses vocaliser voices, but that's 
as far as I got.
Question 2.  How do I speed up the main synthesizer, the guy who 
reads the menu items? Just to give you an idea where I'm wanting 
to go, I got the humanware braillenote to rate 16.  Is there a 
smilar setting with them synths? question 3.  How do I open the 
bookshelf, and things like that? Do I need to put content into it 
on an sd card before I can do that?
Many thanks for any answers

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