[Vrstream] tips for navigating epub books

Joshua Hendrickson louvins at gmail.com
Mon Apr 20 10:05:26 EDT 2015

Hi Adrian.  I don't think it would work either.  Epub books as a
general rule, don't have a lot of navigation like chapter to chapter,
or heading to heading as do bookshare books.  If I'm in an epub book,
I usually use the search for word feature like chapter if I need to go
back to a certain point, and I do use the screen option.  What I don't
like, is you don't get any kind of idea as to how many pages are
aproximately in the book.  The booksense has an estimate of how many
pages an epub book has as well as the total file size of the book.
That's another area I feel the stream really needs work.  Many times
while using my stream, I'd really like to know how large a folder is
in megabytes, or a book is in killibytes, this works for txt files,
but not for epub books which the stream treats like daisy books the
same way it does for bookshare titles.

On 4/20/15, Adrien Collins <adriencollins22160 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi
> I have had some thoughts regarding navigating epub books on
> my vr stream mark 2. I have been reading some epub books and
> have some thoughts which I have tried to put to humanware
> Europe but apparently it won't work. Ok in an epub book,
> when I press the 5 key it tells me the percentage or my
> position in the book, ok if it can tell me that, I find them
> tricky to navigate or go backwards so why is it not possible
> to implement a function using the goto key a go to
> percentage feature, I think this may work. Secondly, I find
> it easiest to go back by a screen at a time, I don't find
> any of the other options useful, paragraph, line, they
> confuse me even more, if it can go back one screen, if I
> have fallen asleep and my stream is an hour ahead of where I
> was, why ca't the stream jump back 5 screens at a time,
> again they said this won't work. What do you guys think?
> These are just my thoughts.
> Regards
> Adrien
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