[Vrstream] How Do I Make Computer Recognize My Victor Stream?

lana lana5 at comcast.net
Wed Dec 2 13:21:34 EST 2015

        One thing I have learned is that if something doesn't work once, 
try, try again. The old adage about doing the same thing over and over again 
being a sign of insanity doesn't apply when working with computer stuff.

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From: Tom Kaufman
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Hello Lana and list:  After several tries, I finally got my computer to
recognize it had a device hooked to it!  When I first tried it, I think I
_did_ plug it in with the stream turned off.  When that didn't work, I
thought "Okay...maybe the stream is supposed to be turned on!"  That didn't
work, so I tried various combinations; finally I just turned it off and
started from "ground zero"...I plugged in the stream as has been suggested;
then turned the stream on...presto!  Thing is...I seldom have a need for
doing this, so I forget!  Once I got it on there, the files wouldn't play (I
had put these files (not sure right now what the extension was) but when
they didn't show up in "notes" when I went to play them on the stream, then
I moved them to "other books"...that did the trick!  Thanks to all for your
Tom Kaufman P.S.  I will tell you that the person who sent me the files had
recorded them on a first Gen stream...not thinking that it didn't record in
MP3 format!

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        Get a new cable. There shouldn't be any problem. Connect the stream
with it turned off. Turn it on. There should be a sound, and then, a second
or to later you get that group of choices as to what you want the computer
to do. If nothing happens when you turn the Stream on, either the cable is
bad or your computer isn't recognizing it because of an internal problem. I
gather that your Stream charges, so not sure it could be the cable. Yes, I
have Windows 7, and that's how it works. Do you have another device you can
test that cable with? Or another cable to something different you can test
that cable slot with?

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From: Tom Kaufman
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Subject: [Vrstream] How Do I Make Computer Recognize My Victor Stream?

Hi list:  I'm almost certain that this has brought up before (I looked in
the folder where I keep emails from this list) but of course, cannot find
it!  I was given a couple of files that I need to put on my Victor Stream.
However I either am not doing something right.or there is something wrong
with my USB slots on my computer; in any case, I cannot make the computer
understand that the stream is hooked to it, thus, I cannot transfer those
files I have to the Victor Stream!  So can someone tell me what the correct
procedure is for getting my Windows 7 machine to recognize the Victor

Many thanks!

Tom Kaufman

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