[Vrstream] Resetting the memory on the stream

Ricky ricky at samobile.net
Sat Dec 5 20:34:46 EST 2015

There are 3 types of Reset for the Stream.
1, hold the power button down for about 7 seconds. This resets the hardware.
2. The next level of Reset (which usually clears up most software 
problems) is a profile reset. This will erase all bookmarks, book 
positions, and will return volume, tone, speed and other settings to 
their factory default. This will not erase any user keys . Those will 
remain just as they are. To do a profile reset, power off the Stream if 
it isn't already off. Then, hold down the bookmark key and the 5 key 
while powering on the Stream. You should hear a message saying 
"Creating New Profile". Again, this does clear up most problems with 
the bookmarks and such things.
3. The third and probably the most drastic measure is a Factory Reset. 
note, This will erase all bookmarks, book positions, and user keys ), 
and will reset all other settings back to their factory defaults. 
Remember, if you do this, you will need all your user keys that you 
received for your Stream. Any keys from NLS, RFB&D, and System Access 
Mobile, will need to be re-installed. Before you do a factory reset, 
make sure you know where those keys are, because getting them back 
could be a hastle. To do this, power off the Stream if it isn't already 
off. Then, hold down the 2, 6, and 8 keys while powering on the Stream. 
You will hear a menu of options. Use the 2 and 8 keys to navigate this 
menu. Navigate to the choice that says, "Factory Reset" and press the 
Pound (Confirm) key.
Original message:
>         Hi,
>     After a number of years of heavy use, my stream without warning 
> will just say, Welcome to Victor reader and then, cut off.  I know the 
> book mark key 5 takes you back to factory defaults, but I want to first 
> try to memory reset key-or what ever that other option is called.  How 
> do I do this.
> Now, if I have to use the bookmark 5 setting, will I loose my nls bardsetting?
> Thanks for any help.
> Vinny Samarco
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