[Vrstream] Two Upgrades?

Tom Kaufman tomcat53 at comcast.net
Thu Dec 10 10:14:17 EST 2015

Well as far as downloading (or installing the updates) for the stream is
concerned, you really have no choice but to plug it in as it will tell you
(and is pretty insistant about it) to plug in the stream!  This is probably
a good thing, for I found out about a friend of mine who (I don't know how
long ago it was) but she attempted to install the updates without plugging
it in!  Result: the stream quit and she had to send it to Humanwear!
Tom Kaufman

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Is there a reason Al S. mentioned upgrades in the plural?  I only got a
notice for one, as is the usual practice.  Guess comments on these are for
today's digest, but I did notice the audio level is somehow beefed up.

Good job, HW.  Don't forget to have the stream plugged in while
installing; okay to D/L the file on battery.  Still curious why two
upgrades were mentioned.  Thought only Booksense had you run the upgrade
Insert witty quote here!  Regards, Max

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