[Vrstream] Changes to HW Faves, Radio Recording

Max G. Swanson swando99 at iphouse.com
Fri Dec 11 06:17:02 EST 2015

The North America English faves list from HW has undergone a few changes. 
Gone are the Serotech podcasts I believe; too bad about that shakeup some
time back.  CBC Sonica is also new.

BTW, as far as hourly CBC news, has anyone noted a problem downloading
that lately?  Hope the feed stil works.

Finally, note that Internet recording goes to internal memory as a 3rd
radio playlist; however, you can remove/delete those recordings as per

Thanks to Christine and all other Victorpedias out there.  Finally, I
think the speaker's sound has been beefed up just a tad.
Insert witty quote here!  Regards, Max

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