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Chip Orange lists3717 at comcast.net
Wed Dec 23 15:40:07 EST 2015

Thank you Michelle for posting this.  How does on subscribe to this support list?

Also, does anyone know of  a BARD mailing list where users can participate in discussions similar to this list?



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I just received this message from NLS regarding the "new BARD support"
.  I thought I would repost it here in case people are interested in
BARD support announcements and have not received this post.  Here is
the message:

"Welcome to the new BARD Support

We apologize that it's been a very long time since we have posted to
BARD Support. Our posts were triggering some Internet service
providers' spam filters, resulting in messages from NLS not reaching
people using those providers. We have solved this problem by migrating
to a new service called GovDelivery, one that will not get blocked by
spam filters. This service is utilized by many federal government
agencies to deliver lists similar to the BARD Support List.

Scrolling to the bottom of each post, you’ll find a link called
Subscriber Preferences. This link will take you to a web page where
you can manage your subscription including temporary stops, digest
mode, or removal from the list.

Like the original BARD Support list, this service is announcement-only.

We look forward to posting messages once again, including
announcements of new features, information about BARD outages, and
helpful tips for using BARD.

The BARD Support Team"

Regards, Michelle

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