[Vrstream] Moisture issue with second generation stream

Lucey,Ron (DARS) Ron.Lucey at dars.state.tx.us
Thu Feb 5 15:09:29 EST 2015

Hello Stream Listers:
I just received a phone call from HumanWare tech support telling me my second generation stream was "dead" due to a moisture issue. This is the second time this has happened to me in six months.
For background, I bought an original Stream in 2008 and it continues to work to this day with only a minor problem with the down volume button being stuck in pressed-in mode. I never had a problem with moisture with the first generation stream which is still working for over seven years. I purchased a new second generation stream in July 2014. Three months later it stopped working in October 2014 when the device was shut down while in the process of downloading a podcast. I sent it in to have the memory flashed but was told by Tech Support that a piece of paper on the circuit board indicated evidence of moisture and therefore they would not attempt to repair it. I obtained another stream in November. When the last software update came out last month I installed it and had problems immediately after the update. I was told it was likely corrupted memory and was told to mail it back to HumanWare for repair. HumanWare tech support just called me and told me once again this stream stopped working due to evidence of "moisture" on the circuit board. They refused to attempt a memory repair but again offered to sell me a third second generation stream for half-price. I have never immersed my stream in water, splashed any liquid on it or used it in rainy conditions. Since I live in Austin Texas we often have damp days with 90%humidity. Supposedly a small piece of paper on the circuit board changes color to pink if exposed to moisture. I'm worried that even damp air could result in this condition and that all of the internal memory handling issues are not being addressed as a warranty issue simply because of "moisture." Here are my questions:
1. How many of you have had your second generation stream declared "dead" due to  moisture? Did they refuse to flash the memory, honor the warranty or even attempt a fix at that point?
2. Does the Executive products case offer any moisture protection? 
Even though I don't believe I've mishandled my stream in any way I am going to purchase one final stream before abandoning this book reader as "too fragile and unreliable." I'm likely to only use the stream while it is sealed in a plastic Ziploc bag filled full of silica gel packets or uncooked rice. It goes without saying after being very satisfied with my first generation stream that I enjoy the new features of the second generation stream but am VERY DISSATISFIED with the reliability (or lack of reliability) of the second generation stream.

Ron in Austin Texas

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