[Vrstream] Moisture issue with second generation stream

Joshua Hendrickson louvins at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 15:26:18 EST 2015

Hi Ron.  I've never had any issues with any of my streams due to
moisture.  I would recommend getting an executive leather case.  I
have no idea if the case would help with your issue, but that is very
strange.  I have no idea how to help you.  Sorry about that.  I really
hope your next stream will be the one that works.  But, your first
second generation stream should not have stopped working after three
months.  I wonder how reliable is this moisture test anyway.

On 2/5/15, Lucey,Ron (DARS) <Ron.Lucey at dars.state.tx.us> wrote:
> Hello Stream Listers:
> I just received a phone call from HumanWare tech support telling me my
> second generation stream was "dead" due to a moisture issue. This is the
> second time this has happened to me in six months.
> For background, I bought an original Stream in 2008 and it continues to work
> to this day with only a minor problem with the down volume button being
> stuck in pressed-in mode. I never had a problem with moisture with the first
> generation stream which is still working for over seven years. I purchased a
> new second generation stream in July 2014. Three months later it stopped
> working in October 2014 when the device was shut down while in the process
> of downloading a podcast. I sent it in to have the memory flashed but was
> told by Tech Support that a piece of paper on the circuit board indicated
> evidence of moisture and therefore they would not attempt to repair it. I
> obtained another stream in November. When the last software update came out
> last month I installed it and had problems immediately after the update. I
> was told it was likely corrupted memory and was told to mail it back to
> HumanWare for repair. HumanWare tech support just called me and told me once
> again this stream stopped working due to evidence of "moisture" on the
> circuit board. They refused to attempt a memory repair but again offered to
> sell me a third second generation stream for half-price. I have never
> immersed my stream in water, splashed any liquid on it or used it in rainy
> conditions. Since I live in Austin Texas we often have damp days with
> 90%humidity. Supposedly a small piece of paper on the circuit board changes
> color to pink if exposed to moisture. I'm worried that even damp air could
> result in this condition and that all of the internal memory handling issues
> are not being addressed as a warranty issue simply because of "moisture."
> Here are my questions:
> 1. How many of you have had your second generation stream declared "dead"
> due to  moisture? Did they refuse to flash the memory, honor the warranty or
> even attempt a fix at that point?
> 2. Does the Executive products case offer any moisture protection?
> Even though I don't believe I've mishandled my stream in any way I am going
> to purchase one final stream before abandoning this book reader as "too
> fragile and unreliable." I'm likely to only use the stream while it is
> sealed in a plastic Ziploc bag filled full of silica gel packets or uncooked
> rice. It goes without saying after being very satisfied with my first
> generation stream that I enjoy the new features of the second generation
> stream but am VERY DISSATISFIED with the reliability (or lack of
> reliability) of the second generation stream.
> Ron in Austin Texas
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