[Vrstream] For the devs: podcast issue.

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Jim, you can turn the download  notification to off. Key 7 when you are in wifi mode. Keep tapping it unti you get to general then use the eight or two key to get to announcements then the left and right arrow to find what you want and then the confirm key to save that selection.
Hope this helps.

I also agree that this is the best unit  for books etc.. I have tried and own a BookSense and a plextalk and have used both for at least six months each. I have gone back to my stream every time.

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Hello folks:


First of all, thanks, for what I believe, is the best stand-alone audiobook
reading device around.


There are, however a couple of refinements that could provide the user with
a better reading experience; in this post, I am mainly concerned with one
such refinement: that is, podcast announcements.


At the time of this writing, I am subscribed to approximately 20 podcast
feeds. While listening to an audiobook, the book is constantly interrupted
by an announcement that a podcast has been updated.  The announcement serves
practically no purpose since 1, it does not inform me what podcast has been
updated and 2, neither would I want it to do so since I am, at the time,
reading a book. If a sighted person was reading a book, I doubt that he/she
would be happy if someone, without the reader's consent, continually
inserted a memo or note blocking the reader's view of the book.


A much better solution, I think, would be to provide a podcast status key to
provide the information when accessing the podcast menu option.


Another option would be simply, the capability to turn podcast announcements
on or off since, there may be some, who like the present approach.  After
all, choices are good.


Thanks for listening.


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