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    Will setting up the in your pocket favorites work the same if you do it 
online on the web site instead of doing it through the phone as described 
below?  In other words can I set up my in your pocket favorites list from 
the web site and then access them with the 2nd gen stream?


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> NFB-NEWSLINE on the Victor Reader Stream Second Generation
>                NFB-NEWSLINE subscribers who also own the HumanWare Victor 
> Reader Stream Second Generation can now download all their favorite 
> newspapers from NFB-NEWSLINE on to their Victor Reader Stream wirelessly. 
> Here are a few things to keep in mind when you decide to access 
> NFB-NEWSLINE on the Victor Reader Stream. Please remember that you will be 
> using the NFB-NEWSLINE in Your Pocket service when downloading your 
> newspapers on to your device. This means that the files will be downloaded 
> in text format, which the Victor Stream will read using the HumanWare 
> screen-reader software that is already on the device. It will not use one 
> of the NFB-NEWSLINE voices to read the newspapers.
> Second thing to keep in mind is that since the Victor Stream Second 
> Generation has a wireless receiver, you no longer need to connect your 
> device to a computer. However, you have to have a wireless router in your 
> house or wherever you are using the device so that you can access the 
> internet and download the newspapers directly onto your device from the 
> NFB-NEWSLINE servers. Before you can start setting up the NFB-NEWSLINE 
> service on your Victor Stream Second Generation, you must set-up your 
> Victor Stream to receive information from your wireless router. Please 
> also keep in mind that you must create your NFB-NEWSLINE in Your Pocket 
> Favorites List before these publications can get downloaded onto your 
> Victor Stream. This list is different from your NFB-NEWSLINE Telephone 
> favorites list. See instructions below on how to do this.
> Setting up your NFB-NEWSLINE in Your Pocket Favorites List over the 
> Telephone:
> 1.       Call the NFB-NEWSLINE telephone service at 1-888-882-1629. Log-in 
> with your NFB-NEWSLINE six digit User ID number and your four digit 
> security code.
> 2.       Press the zero key from the main menu for the Subscribers’ 
> Control Panel.
> 3.       Press the nine key to go to the next set of options in the menu 
> and then press the three key to manage all your NFB-NEWSLINE favorites.
> 4.       Press the number one key to set up your NFB-NEWSLINE in Your 
> Pocket Favorites List and follow the prompts.
> Setting up your NFB-Newsline account on the Victor Stream:
> 1.       Turn on your Victor Stream with the round power button on the top 
> left side of the device.
> 2.       Press the round Wireless button on the top in the front of the 
> device. Wait to hear the device to say, “Connected to Wi-Fi”.
> 3.       Press the number seven key twice on the keypad and wait to hear 
> the “Online Services” message.
> 4.       Press either the number eight or number two key to hear “Add 
> NFB-NEWSLINE Service”.
> 5.       Press the Pound Key, and follow the prompts.
> 6.       First you will be asked to enter your NFB-NEWSLINE six digit User 
> identification code. Enter it, and then press the pound key to confirm.
> 7.       Then you will hear the device say, “Enter Security Code.” Enter 
> your four digit Security code and press pound again.
> 8.       Now you will hear “Please Wait”, and a few seconds later you 
> should hear the message “NFB-NEWSLINE on.” Now your device is registered 
> to receive NFB-NEWSLINE content.
> 9.       Press the star key to get out of this menu and to go back to the 
> online bookshelf.
> 10.   Press the number one key to cycle through the different items until 
> you get to NFB-NEWSLINE. Press the number four key to hear “synchronize 
> NFB-NEWSLINE Content”. Press the pound key and wait for it to finish 
> downloading your favorite newspapers onto your device.
> Once you’ve finished downloading your favorite publication content, you 
> can begin reading your newspapers and magazines on your digital talking 
> book player. The publication files will be placed in a folder called 
> “NFBNewsline” in your Talking Books folder for those with a Victor Reader 
> Stream. To begin reading your publications press 1 for your bookshelf. You 
> will be presented with the titles of the publications on your digital 
> talking book player along with whatever other material you have stored. 
> For each paper there are three levels:
> Level 1 is the title level (of the publication you’ve opened)
> Level 2 is the section level
> Level 3 is the articles level
> At any of these levels pressing play will start the reading of your 
> publication. Pressing the 2 and 8 buttons will cycle through the level 
> choices (which include other options, such as sentence, word, and spell), 
> and pressing the 4 and 6 buttons will move you to the previous or next 
> option within each level, respectively. This means that, if you are at 
> Level 2 (the sections title level), you will hear the titles of the 
> various sections in your paper or magazine by pressing the 4 and 6 
> buttons. If you want to move from the sections level to the articles 
> level, just press 8 and you will be taken to the articles level, and at 
> that point you can press 4”and 6” to move from article to article. If at 
> that time you want to move to the next section you’ll need to press 2 to 
> access the Level 2 options. If you want to move from your current 
> publication to another publication you’ll need to start by pressing “1; 
> doing so will take you back to your bookshelf where the publications 
> titles will be listed; To delete a publication press the 3 key, and to 
> confirm press pound.
> For more information about the Victor Reader Stream, visit HumanWare on 
> the Web. Visit this Web site to access the Victor Reader Stream's User 
> Guide
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