[Vrstream] [Bulk] Stream Connection Cable Question

Nancy Lynn freespirit.stl at att.net
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The small end of the USB cord goes into the bottom of the stream, the 
opposite end from the mike and headphone jacks are. I have no idea why your 
computer won't see the sd cards. Try rebooting and see what happens.

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Hi all,

I am having an awful computer problem.  My computer will no longer read any 
of my SD cards.  They still play in the Stream so I know they are good.  If 
it was the read / write protection switch, the contents of the SD card would 
still show up on the computer so it isn’t that.  When I connect the SD card 
to the computer I simply get the please insert disk error.  The computer is 
still reading a flash drive in the same port so the port isn’t the problem. 
I also tried other ports, 2 different SD card connectors & several SD cards 
with no luck.

I know I have a cable that connects the Stream to the computer but can’t 
figure out which one it is & where it connects to the Stream.  I cannot feel 
anywhere on the Stream where it feels like I could connect a cable.  Could 
someone tell me where I would connect the cable & also what the end that 
goes into the Stream feels like, i.e. is it the same size as the USB 
connection, smaller, bigger or what.  I have a 2nd gen Stream.

Also, any ideas on why my computer suddenly won’t read SD cards would be 
appreciated.  I transferred some books this morning & haven’t made any 
computer changes since then so I am stumped.  At least the cards work in the 
Stream so I can still read.

Sherry Wells
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