[Vrstream] tutorials coming soon, and hope you'll enjoy them.

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Sat Feb 28 11:25:24 EST 2015

Another suggestion is how to work with the different recording settings.  I 
liked the recording feature on the first gen stream, but don't know how to 
get that same quality on the second.  I have a hearing problem and this is a 
very important feature for me if I want to have someone record something and 
then be able to play it back to get the best understanding that I can.

tcorson2 at cfl.rr.com
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Hi to all.  I've been very pleased by the response for tutorials on
the second gen stream.  I have lots of ideas for what tutorials I'd
like to do.  I think I'll even do a tutorial on how to purchase sd
cards for your stream from amazon.  They've recently changed the site
again and made it a little difficult to purchase things, but I'm
pretty sure I've figured out what to do.  I'll probably be doing my
first tutorial which will cover setting up a wifi connection on the
stream in about a week from now.  I need to find a song and learn it
for a performance I've got to give at a church in town.  Once that is
done, I'll do the tutorial.  Some other tutorials I'll be doing, will
cover looking for, and using the internet radio, setting up your
stream for bard, and bookshare, also, looking for, and downloading
podcasts.  I'll also cover NFB newsline.  Maybe I'll do a tutorial on
the reference bookshelf and searching wikipedia.  Have a great day
all, and once I've made a tutorial and posted it to the list, please
let me know what you think of it.

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