[Vrstream] Success With Larger SD Card

Ron Canazzi aa2vm at roadrunner.com
Thu Jun 2 22:15:04 PDT 2016

Hi Group,

I have just upgraded from the default 4 GB SD card that comes with the 
Victor Reader Stream II to a 32 GB SD card.  It is a class ten as I was 
advised by someone on this list.  Everything went smoothly and I copied 
all the data from my old card to my PC and then copied it all back to 
the new SD card.  Everything came over perfectly--no glitches at all.

I just thought I should tell everyone on the list not to worry or fear 
such an endeavor.

They Ask Me If I'm Happy; I say Yes.
They ask: "How Happy are You?"
I Say: "I'm as happy as a stow away chimpanzee on a banana boat!"

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