[Vrstream] Feature Suggestion

Max G. Swanson swando99 at iphouse.com
Sat Jun 18 06:43:39 PDT 2016

This is really a suggestion for a change that might not be too hard. 
Rather than going thru the awkward process of pressing Sleep and then 01
or 02 and getting a list of punctuation symbols, then trying to remember
their order and always having to backspace till you get it right, why
can't each symbol have its own number.  Period could be 1-1, questionmark
1-2 etc.  Same for the 0 symbols.

As you can plainly se my recall of which punc goes in which order is not
perfect.  This would be a far better way of organizing them.

Text entry is fine for letters and numbers, but the current system for
symbols is really bad news!
"We are stuck in ourselves. Who else to be stuck in?"  A.Ginsberg.
Regards, Max

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